ACE/FIVE Pop-Up Coming to Toronto
You asked for it, so we're giving it to you.

The issue with online shopping for some is that the physical interaction with the garment[s] has been removed from the process. We get it, not being able to try on or feel something of interest can be disconcerting. While we think that we did a good job with limiting the risk in conducting an online transaction, there is still of course some margin for error when making your purchase.

For those of you still unsure whether online is for you, we're making it that much easier for you to get to know us.

Toronto, you are it; the first of hopefully many pop-up destinations during our forever long life span. We're kicking off the month of May with a physical brick and mortar location at 1138 Dundas St. W [the corner of Dundas & Ossington for those of you familiar with the city].

And to sweeten the pot, we're throwing a party to set the tone. Stay abreast to further details by keeping up with our social feeds [links in footer].

Your friends,