Re: Our Name Change
To Whom Has Been Paying Us Any Mind,

Re: Our Name Change

We knew almost immediately after announcing our original name [fore•word] that we would have to make a change. The irony is that the most difficult part about realizing this concept has not been presenting our vision to brands/designers, setting up the infrastructure to effectively run a business, or finding the capital to fund a start-up. Rather it was coming to terms with a name that we were comfortable living with for as long as forever – we hope.
Here is the thing: we still stand behind the idea of fore•word the brand. To curate your life in a way that falls in line with not just fashion, but all other subcategories of this culture – art, design, music, connecting with good people. We are not saying that the garment industry or ‘fashion’ is superior to the rest. We are simply implying that the latter lineages are in most cases of interest to those who take a strong liking to ways of dress and vise versa.
Bottom line is that there were more than a few concerns with the name, fore•word and it was - and still is - in our best interest to re-introduce ourselves prior to our official launch.
With that, we are excited to re-acquaint you with our same selves and our new name, ACE/FIVE [pronounced ace•five]. We chose not to force ourselves into making an irrational decision and rather let the process of selecting a new name run a fairly natural course. Ace-to-five is a variant of poker in which the otherwise weakest hand becomes the strongest (A-2-3-4-5; A being 1). It is less of a reference to poker for us, rather an analogy with respects to life: remain positive at all costs, continually challenge convention, and figuratively and to the best of your ability ‘play the hand that you are dealt’.
Thank you to everyone who has been hanging with us so far. We are one month out and eager to show you what we have in store… literally.
Your friends,