Chapter 17 | February Sound [KEVvv]

For February's playlist, we sought out local up and coming DJ, KEVvv to commission a set that we can only refer to as easy listening. Check out commentary from KEVvv below, hit play and let it ride.

"I created a mix that was centralized around establishing an atmospheric and ethereal ambience with the incorporation of local talent. With features ranging from Toronto's now-emerged R&B frontman, Daniel Caesar, to hopeful and ambitious artists who are carving their own lane, Pickering's Tylor Jay Santos and Krish Dineshkumar, and everything in between. I strived to integrate a contrast between underground and well-known artists while being conscientious about harmonizing R&B, synth pop, as well as some lo-fi rap without compromising the milieu I had intended on constructing."

// Artwork by Jordan Mill